Wednesday 2nd December 2020

We sincerely apologies for the services outage we are experiencing at the moment due to a technical fault which occured on our servers at the Data Centre in Dublin on Wednesday evening 2nd Dec 2020.
We’re doing everything possible to restore the server as soon as possible.
Our onsite engineers , having found and rectified the fault began restoring all files and services.
As the file were being restored during the night they noticed that some errors were occuring which slowed the process.
They then had to fix these errors before proceeding further which took some time before teh process of resting files could restart.
Thursday Morning:
Unfortunately the restore speed of the partitions was far too slow. It’s estimated to take 2 days for one partition, which would mean the full server could take a week. So we asked them to setup a new machine with a hardware RAID array, SAS drives, which are faster.