Friday 4th Dec 2020:

Friday 4th Dec 2020:The Backup team are currently restoring all files and date to the server and we hope to have all services restored shortly.We will be posting updates throughout the day, so please come back to this page for further updates on the restoration process.I talked to the backup team and we decided on… Continue reading Friday 4th Dec 2020:

Thursday 3rd Dec 2020:

The Server rebuild took until around 9:00pm on Thursday night. We did not expect it to take that long.On completion the backup team then began again to restore all partitions on the drives. All partitions must be restore before all file can be restored.

Wednesday 2nd December 2020

We sincerely apologies for the services outage we are experiencing at the moment due to a technical fault which occured on our servers at the Data Centre in Dublin on Wednesday evening 2nd Dec 2020.We’re doing everything possible to restore the server as soon as possible.Our onsite engineers , having found and rectified the fault… Continue reading Wednesday 2nd December 2020